Keep the donor card after reaching 65 – It is never too late to give the gift of life.

Many of our elderly clients believe that they are too old to be an organ donor. In general, most are mistaken. There may be other reasons that prevent someone from being an organ donor, but age alone is not one of them. There are reports of a 90-year-old who, after dying suddenly, donated her liver to someone that would not otherwise have seen his 61st birthday. For both families, this became a reason for celebration.

It is estimated that organ donation by older Americans has declined by 10% from a decade ago. Every day many people, young and older, die while on an organ donation waiting list. Georgia’s Advance Directive for Health Care enables you to empower your health care agent to permit organ donation. You may also express your desire on your driver’s license or consider using the online registration at Donate Life Georgia or Donate Life America to be entered in the state or national registries.

If you wish to be an organ donor, please discuss this with your family and make sure that your wishes are clearly expressed in all of your legal documents.

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