Author: laurentmk

Law Day Awards

The State Bar of Georgia recently awarded the Blue Ridge Bar Association the Award of Merit, Law Day Award, Best Newsletter and Best Website.

Lauren Keller and Cynthia Propst of Thompson, Meier and King were among the award recipients for their participation in the 2014-2015 Law Day Committee.   As part of the Law Day Committee, Lauren and Cynthia helped lead two service projects in the community, an Easter Egg Hunt with the Cherokee Family Violence Center and a volunteer day at Goshen Valley Boys Ranch, and collected donations for Georgia’s Annual Legal Food Frenzy, which benefitted the Georgia Food Bank Association.  The Law Day Committee also helped to organize the Law Day luncheon and created a scrapbook memorializing all of the great local events from the past year.

The Law Day Award, along with all awards received by the Blue Ridge Bar Association, are on display at the Law Library in the Cherokee County Justice Center.